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Welcome to Intricate Aesthetics, our approach extends far beyond the act of simply using a needle to inject someone's face. We believe in treating and understanding each person as a whole, taking into consideration various aspects of their well-being. This includes not only assessing their physical presentation and aesthetic goals but also delving into their medical history and lifestyle factors.

The process itself is intricate, involving a complex series of steps that require a thorough assessment, detailed planning, and precise application. We take the time to carefully evaluate each client, considering their unique needs and desires. By understanding their background, medical conditions, and any previous treatments or procedures they have undergone, we are able to tailor my approach to their specific circumstances.


"My philosophy as an injector goes beyond simply administering injections; I believe in taking a holistic approach to treating and understanding each individual. By considering factors such as their concerns, medical history, aesthetic goals, and lifestyle, I ensure a comprehensive and personalized experience. The process is intricate, involving meticulous assessment, careful planning, and precise application. I recognize that each client is unique, and their results will be tailored to their specific needs, avoiding any cookie-cutter approach."

"When it comes to Aesthetics, one size does not fit all. The reality of multiple skin profiles means there is not one perfect formula or magical ingredient for younger, smoother and brighter looking skin."

Client Love

"I had an appointment with Cate recently. The space is aesthetic and cozy. Cate was also very patient and answered all my questions! I very much appreciated that she was doing things to make me more comfortable through out my treatments. Would give 6 stars if I could!"


"Amazing results from Cate. She's explained what she was doing and I got those exact results. She's done many different procedures on me and I'm so happy with the everything .. I will return for some more amazing work by Cate!!


"When I tell you I have never been more satisfied with my lips and customer service, I mean it. I will forever go to Cate for my lips hands down. She's sweet, kind, patient, and she's good at what she does."